About Us

Perfect पेशा

Perfect Pesha is a modern name for an online job board that helps applicants find jobs and aids employers in their quest to locate ideal candidates.

Thanks to modern technology and online job websites/portals, finding a job is as simple as one click of your mouse. You can get linked with many of companies with a single click on a single platform. The proliferation of internet access has made it a well-accepted tool for millions of job seekers, searching for both formal and informal jobs for India / Gulf or /Abroad.

We provide a platform for the employers to meet the prospective employees and provide jobs as per qualifications and experience. We are specialized in academic and research-related job openings, having vast number of opportunities which are not available in the market.

Perfect Pesha is a part of PourBrain Tech Private Limited. PourBrain Tech Private Limited is a company with different educational and jobseeker career related sites. Its aim and motive is to provide educational guidance, courses and career enhancement services to the customers.

How Our Experts Will Clear Your Way?

They will help you determine your priorities. You need to consider your priorities – such as location, certain job duties or overall lifestyle – and how well each job would accommodate. They will share the best to start your job search with a list of what you want in the new job.

Consider the potential workplace. How happy you'll be is the single most important factor to consider. The company culture and type of people you work with will affect your day-to-day and long-term job satisfaction. They will provide you several options so that you do need to compromise.

They will help you to decide within a reasonable timeframe. The calls or mails notifying you of a job offer may seem urgent and relevant, however, don't feel pressured to say yes or no on the spot. Our Relationship Manager will try to hold or share other options with you within a given time phase, so that you do not need to rush after any particular opportunity.

Be your own advocate. If the company is putting pressure on you to accept an offer, explain that you would like more time to think about it. We will allow a reasonable amount of time for you to make the best decision.

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