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  • is a platform to provide you the best opportunities available in the market. This is a safe and secure platform where you can get the opportunities via emails.
  • However, it's might be possible that you may receive fraudulent job opportunities when searching for jobs or you may receive a fraudulent email that has had the sender's email address forged to make it appear as if it was sent from PerfectPesha. Such practices are a violation of PerfectPesha's Terms of Use and may be illegal under applicable laws.

Beware of fake Agencies/Employer seeking money through cash deposit or wire transfer /other sensitive information.

Use Internet Safely

  • In today's world no one can trust on humanity so easily especially in the case of making an online payment. In most cases, therefore, the payee will be familiar to you, but you must take care to ensure that you are on the provider's genuine site. There are certain things which need to be kept in mind:
  • Do not use the same user name and password for all online accounts.
  • Change passwords as often as possible, but at least every three months.
  • Do not share your passwords or user identification information. A recent scam involves email that appears to be from a user's Internet provider, requesting this information. Internet providers, banks, credit cards, and reputable Internet businesses never contact customers to request their password or user name.
  • Never click on any links in an email asking for identification information. Contact the institution by phone immediately to report the concern.
  • Secure online transactions should occur only on a website that begins with "https://." Do not trust a vendor without the "S" after "http" at the start of the web address.

Safe Job Search

  • Do not get trapped in fake posting in which someone ask for your personal information illegally. The placement of such false job postings is a violation of the PerfectPesha Terms of Use and may also be a criminal violation of the federal and/or state law.
    PerfectPesha is delicately working towards stopping this abuse and helps you to provide the safest way to search for job:
  • Please don't share your personal details with any one. You can ask for a call back to verify of the call belong to PerfectPesha.
  • Be careful when sharing credit card or bank information, or engaging in any monetary transactions. Verify the legitimacy of the employer with whom you're interacting.
  • Do not provide any non-work-related personal information (e.g., Social Security Number, eye color, marital status, etc.) over the phone or online.
  • Be careful while sharing your contact or profile with anyone outside the country.
  • Beware of emails which offers opportunities and asks for money for any further proceedings. Ignore the email and DO NOT follow through with the employment offer being made even if shared by PerfectPesha.

Reporting fraud

  • If you see or observe someone ruining or misusing the name of Perfect Pesha portal, request you to please share the suspect details to our Fraud-Alert team.
  • If, in case, you think you have been a victim of fraud or someone cheated you, request you to please share your concern to PerfectPesha, so that steps can be taken for your safety. You can share the concern on Service Helpdesk.

Beware of people asking you for account deposit or cash payment or asking you for your debit/credit card details, in the name of PerfectPesha. We do not ask for the same.


1. All jobs and company names provided here are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

2. Beware of the false job postings that get listed online from time to time and ask for your personal information illegally. If you see a questionable Job Posting or any potential misuse of the PerfectPesha portal or its brand, please report the suspected fraud to us at